Frequently Asked Questions

Learning Environments

What learning environments do you support?

We support teachers and students in all learning environments including:

  • Public and Charter schools
  • Private and Independent schools
  • Tech camps
  • After school programs

Features and Benefits

What services do you provide?

  • We provide you with a streamlined campaign setup process that allows you to create your campaign in as little as 10 minutes.
  • You get a fundraising page that is optimized for mobile devices so supporters can contribute easily to your campaign from their phone or tablet as well as their computer. Supporters can contribute using Paypal or a credit card to make the contribution process even easier.
  • We provide you with a letter to the parents and marketing materials that are ready to be printed and distributed.
  • After the campaign we ship your STEM items directly to your school. There is no need to fuss with depositing a check in the school bank account and then ordering your items.

See a full list of features here

General FAQ

Does it cost anything to start a campaign?

Nope, not at all.

Can several classes work together to do a fundraiser?

Definitely. A group of classes or an entire school can join together to do a fundraiser.

The fundraiser can even be done by groups associated with a school, such as an after school robotics club or a summer tech camp.

What is the minimum contribution amount?

Just $1.

Can I cancel my campaign once it’s started?

Sure. Let us know via email, and we will provide you with the items for which you’ve already raised money and an Amazon gift card for the remaining balance.

Do students spend their time raising money?

No, a student’s job is to learn. Parents, teachers and the community spread the word to raise the money for the STEM items.

How much do you charge?

It does not cost anything to start a campaign.

Our service fee is just 12% and is deducted at the end of the campaign from the amount raised. This amount can be 75% less than what some other classroom fundraisers charge.

For example, if you want to do a quick campaign for a $100 STEM item, we charge $12 while other sites charges up to $45.

Here is a breakdown for a $100 STEM item:

Others: 15% service charge + $30 setup fee = $45
Us: 12% service charge + $0 setup fee = $12

Other third party charges may include tax and shipping if applicable, and a paypal processing fee of a few percent of the contribution amount.

What happens when a funding campaign reaches its goal?

The items are shipped directly to the teacher. Because no money is transferred, we remove the complexity of dealing with bank accounts and we ensure that funds are used exclusively for the stated purpose.

What happens if a funding campaign doesn't reach its goal?

Our service isn’t all or nothing. Even if you don’t reach your fundraising goal you will still receive what you raised. Unlike other services, if you asked for three items but you only raised enough for two, we will provide you with two items. The remainder of the funds can be sent to you as an Amazon Gift Card.

Or you may choose to extend the duration of your campaign so you can raise the full amount.

Can I receive a cash contribution?

Ideally all contributions should be made online, but if someone gives you cash rather than contributing online, you must make a contribution to your campaign online for the amount that they gave you.

What if I raise more than the goal amount?

If you raise more than your goal amount you can choose additional STEM items. If you haven’t raised enough for an additional item, you can choose to receive an Amazon gift card.

What is the minimum campaign amount that I can setup?

$60 in items is the minimum.