What makes us different?

Glad that you asked! We do our best to make everything easy.

Streamlined setup

We provide you with a streamlined campaign setup process that allows you to create your campaign in as little as 10 minutes. Use our pre-written campaign text and gallery of images or modify them to fit your needs.

Keep what you raise

You keep what you raise. Unlike other sites you do not need to reach your campaign goal to obtain items with the money that you raise.

STEM Focused

We’re focused on STEM and curate the products that work best for students.

Mobile optimized

Your fundraising page is optimized for mobile devices so supporters can contribute easily to your campaign from their phone or tablet as well as their computer.

Pay with PayPal

Your supporters can contribute using Paypal or a credit card to make the contribution process even easier.

Receiving your items is easy

After the campaign we ship your STEM items directly to your school. There is no need to fuss with depositing a check in the school bank account and then ordering your items.

Marketing made easy

We provide you with a letter to the parents and marketing materials that are ready to be printed and distributed.

Competitive fees

Our pricing structure is perfect for both small and large campaigns with no setup fee and a low service charge.