About Us


We believe that every student should have ability to dream about a STEM career and have the resources to excel in academics. We aim to get STEM supplies into every classroom in the US and challenge kids to utilize STEM supplies as a tool for learning, a source of inspiration, and an outlet for creativity.

Robotics, computers, science experiments, and coding are not only useful as learning tools but they can be extremely fun and engaging, and therefore inspiring. We believe that by introducing children to fun robots and gizmos, we can help them understand how these amazing learning tools wouldn’t exist without people who have backgrounds in STEM.

How many times have you held a smartphone in your hands and thought about the sheer number of hours of work and decades of knowledge that were poured into what is resting in your hands? Stop and think about it. What you hold in your hands is built upon years of innovations from Edison’s introduction of the light bulb in 1879 to Steve Jobs’ introduction of the iPhone in 2007. It is absolutely staggering.

We hope to inspire that same wonderment in children and help them understand that the academic skills they acquire now are just the beginning of what is required to make something amazing and possibly life changing for themselves, their friends, their family, or the world.

Our society’s future is collectively created by those of us who participate in the present and by inspiring and teaching those to act in the future. We are passionate, enthusiastic, and committed to our role in the present to help, inspire, and educate children and we wouldn’t want to do anything else.

Our Team

Our talented and experienced management team are all alumni of the University of Southern California and they are dedicated to serving their community. They met while serving on the Board of Directors for the USC Alumni Club of Beverly Hills and Hollywood, where they were named Volunteer Organization of the Year in 2012. There they fostered connections among USC alumni and they organized and participated in service projects which helped their local community. Following on their success, in 2014 they founded the USC Athletic Department's Trojan Club of Los Angeles where they serve on the Executive Committee of its Board of Directors.

Rod Halimi

Rod is a former elementary school teacher who left teaching to share his techniques of motivating students with other educators. He also volunteers numerous hours at his alma mater, the University of Southern California, where he is currently the Senior Vice President of the Trojan Club of Los Angeles.

Jonathan Peralez

Jonathan has a background in management consulting and technology consulting. A true technology and business geek at heart, he helps the guide the development of our technology initiatives and lends us his love of spreadsheets and all things business. Jonathan supports his alma mater, the University of Southern California, where currently serves as President of the Trojan Club of Los Angeles.

Frank Raymond

Frank is an experienced business and real estate professional with investment experience in startups and real estate. He brings his strong business acumen and years of investing experience to our organization. He also volunteers his time with the Trojan Club of Los Angeles, serving as the Senior Vice President of Development.