STEM Classroom Fundraisers

Designed for the busy teacher who wants STEM items now (not months or years from now)

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"Challenge a Student allowed my students to experience STEM when it otherwise would not have been possible."

- Eleanna Liscombe, 3rd grade teacher

We remove the risks and uncertainty of fundraising and provide you with everything that you need to be successful

Can't fail fundraising

Regardless of how much you raise, you keep it.

If you set a goal to get three STEM items, but you only raise enough for two, you'll still receive your two items.

Guided fundraising process

Easily create your campaign with our campaign builder.

Use our pre-written campaign text and gallery of images or modify them to fit your needs.

The gift of time

We’ve optimized our service for the busy teacher.

Our campaigns are quick to set up, easy to run and finish fast.

We support teachers and students in a variety of learning environments including:

Public and Charter schools

Private and Independent schools

Tech Camps

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